Friday, August 1, 2014

Moletai - Part2 of 2

Once we arrived there after lunch, I was really impressed with the meeting hall. It has two large rooms downstairs and a large loft above. On the walls of the room we were using to discuss ECER business were pictures of witches from all over Lithuania (most of whom had died in the past ten years.) The one from my district was wearing purple, of course. Dinner was delivered from the Zodiac Café to the other room, and the meeting broke up around 6 pm.
          During the afternoon, the airport called (my cell phone plays Tchaikovsky!). My baggage had arrived. Would I be at my address I’d given them to receive it? Aaaahhhh! I’m 70 miles away, but I informed them that all the desk clerks knew about it, and would be happy to receive my luggage for me. (I called them immediately after I hung up and they said they’d take care of it.)
          After dinner, Jonas V. gave a lecture in his zodiac circle on astrology in Lithuanian, but a lot of us went wandering the grounds and marvelled at the Perkunas shrine. Our drivers took us back to Vilnius around 9 and thanks to all the Gods my suitcase was there! O Joy!
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Local invitation: Since I return so late on Tuesday 8/5 to SFO, I’m going to stay the night and have a welcome back party at Patt’s, 22 Terra Vista, #D-5, in San Francisco on 8/6 from 4-8 pm. Feel free to stop by and see all the loot from Lithuania, and have first crack at the new amber.


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