Saturday, December 24, 2011

Me on youtube from Wolfy in Helvetia from Bologna, Italy.

Happy 4th day of Yuletide!

Juno's back up and I'm on vacation through Monday, so maybe I'll have some more posts up soon!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help me, Juno!

Dr. Meghani & I in SF - we met in Latvia 2008

My beautiful new bathroom thanks to Daniel and crew.
Since 12/5 my Juno account has been down, so even when I had time to update this blog, I couldn't get into my files. AAAArrrgggghhh! But all is better now, and I wish all of you a Swell Solstice & Happy New Year/12th Night. We'll be celebrating Yule in SF and burning a wheat dolly that was a gift from Hammer of Thor Kindred, and we'll be having a 12th Night Party at my home in Antioch on 1/1/12. How can it have been 12 years since 2000?