Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kaunas 7/17

Next to last day, and my computer was acting up. I took a bus to a place near the train station and “turgus” (outdoor market). Learned about word pad for typing documents instead of “Word,” which was annoyingly popping open windows while I was trying to type. Also had a loose spot on my cover. He charged me $4.
        Caught a bus back to the other end of Freedom Lane, and went to a place I’d never visited – the Presidents’ Palace. Lithuania had only been “free” or unoccupied between the two world wars, and inside the palace was also an art deco masterpiece with furnishings, artifacts, and exhibits from the 20’s and 30’s. I crossed behind the palace heading for the lane and found an antique store. I didn’t have enough money with me to buy everything I wanted, but I bought four antique pieces, three trident lapel pins, two serpents entwining two small pieces of amber. Heading down the lane to my apt., I only went about 50m when I found a second hand store. I spent my last bills there on a mirrored/stained glass candle holder for $10. It was another block to my original destination of the post office, where I mailed a postal of views of Lithuania to the Senior Center. It was only three litas to send it, but it took me a while to find the third lita in the bottom of my bag.
        I’d forgotten to bring my spare euros with me, but found an ATM another block down the lane, and right next to the “best liquor store in Kaunas” where I purchased three bottles of absinthe for about $25 each. Two were French (Cherry Rocher – clear & green) and the other was a “dark” version of one of my favorites, Pere Kermann which is usually a lovely teal shade.
        Nobody believes I’m a “senior” here, and actually some of the 45 year-old women at the Devil’s Museum looked older than I. It was another 85+ degree day and most of the museum ladies were hanging out on the first floor in front of a fan, so I was easily able to take some photos on the upper floor. The man who founded the Devil’s Museum was a water colorist, and his paintings have inspired me to paint landscapes. His house is adjacent to the museum and they’ve connected the two buildings. His studio is exactly the way he left it. There was a touching story about how when he turned 80, someone gave him a beautifully carved walking stick with serpents and frogs and a smiling devil’s head on top which is on display. One day he was out walking and dropped the stick, and one of the teeth broke off. His wife was a dentist, and she made him a gold replacement tooth for it. Now that’s devotion!
        Enjoyed chicken and cheeseburger sliders at an outdoor restaurant across from the museum. Back to my place to pack and try to figure out how to take all this loot back to Vilnius.

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