Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last Day of Conference

        We had limited time because a lot of the attendees wanted to continue the conference discussions, and Inija had found us a room at the Romuva folklore center in Vilnius. I’ve attached photos from various places in the building, and there was a photo exhibit in one of the halls of Romuva events. We met the photographer as well. We finished up by six and everyone was going out drinking and dining. The conference was over, and most folks were leaving the next day, but I decided to return to the hotel and catch up on my beauty sleep. The Danes had said they had a car and weren’t leaving till Sunday and would be happy to give me a ride to Kaunas and let me show them the sights of the old capital city, which is a Deco lover’s paradise. I contacted my apt. house in Kaunas and they said it was fine to show up a day early, and the Danes were welcome to park in their lot as long as needed.


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