Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kaunas 7/14

Spent all day shopping and wandering. Tried to find a dentist because one of my teeth was bothering me. I did find one and have an appt. 7/16. Found a lot of new bedding for my house in the village and my new bedroom. Stopped for a delicious lunch at an Italian restaurant which featured all hand-made items called Piccola Italia. Enjoyed tomato/potato soup with fresh bread and an entrée of spinach ravioli with chicken, thyme, mushroom cream and a cappuccino ($12).
Have written two short stories and done paintings of stained glass windows I want to make for my house and temple. I’ve been taking classes and making stained glass for the last several years since I moved to Antioch. My home was built in 1947 and I have 24 small windows on the front of the house (approximately 11” x 21”). So far I’ve made 7 windows (and I’m still not unpacked from my move here).
 Never made it back to old town after visiting it with Danes, but spent the week shopping and going to museums.

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