Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the Village of Dvarciskai

July 10, Vilnius – Dvarciskiai – Moletai – Vilnius
9:00-22:00 Excursion. Going to Romuva temple in Dvarciskiai as well as to Kulionys, where Mr. Jonas Vaiskunas will introduce us to the ancient calendar and we will discuss about developing action plan to realize the goals and the mission of the ECER.
Leaving from: LEU Guest House, A.Vivulskio g. 36, Naujamiestis, LT-03114 Vilnius
          What a crazy, fun day. Rounded up all the cats and left around 9 am in pouring rain. It was about 80 degrees so we didn’t care if we were drenched. Rode in large 9 person van with surly driver, Ignas, 2 Belgians, 2 Indians, 2 other women (1 Italian, 1 Lithuanian) – a very international van. Showed off the temple, and performed short fire ritual and invocation to Perkunas. He replied with thunder and more rain. Showed off my house to the Danes and several others, but most of them were too busy running around our village to see the back of my temple and my house.
     Will post some more photos of my house next week. Inija and I will be staying in the village for a whole week.



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