Monday, September 10, 2012

May 2012 - O CANADA

Seems like I just returned from India, and I had two months to pack and move from Walnut Creek before going off to Canada in May for several events. Once again, Kim hosted me; this time in her new home she’s renting since she just sold her old one a few months ago. She’s much further along in her unpacking than I am.
The first event I attend is called “Gaia Gathering” and is held every year in a different province/city. Last year was Montreal; this year is Toronto, and it’s at University of Toronto. Kim also takes me out to the Art Gallery of Ontario and other tourist places. And I find some kewl ones of my own. This trip I learned new intricacies of the Toronto public transit system.
I’m so happy. On Saturday on the way to Jangbang, I stopped at Fortune Computer and bought the netbook of my dreams for less than $300 (an Asus Eee pc). It’s the first computer I’ve ever owned that I actually like. We had such a blast at this tiny Korean bar. I even sang “Dirty Old Town” with Dr. Myers and others. At closing time I asked the owner about a triple elephant-headed table that was mostly obstructing the hallway to the washrooms. He sold it to me for $20, and Derek carried it back to Kim’s car from the bar. 

After we arrived back at Kim’s, I could hardly wait to set up my new Asus. We charged the battery, turned it on, and a black screen appeared with an error message stating that “windows had failed to install.”  Waaahhhhh! Well, the next day was Sunday of Victoria Day weekend, and although the place was open, the tech guy wouldn’t be in till Tuesday. I was so busy and tired on Tuesday that I didn’t take the subway (an hour each way) in till Wednesday. It was so worth the wait and most of the stress; not only did they give me another new one, they set it up with skype, AVG, a new e-book reader, Microsoft office, and a purple carrying case.

Have been having vivid dreams and spoke with Greg and Inija today on skype. I enjoy skype. If you have it, my skype name is cprudence21. Found a black goose-neck lamp for the guest room for $2 at a yard sale a few blocks from Kim’s, had lemon meringue pie at Wendy’s house, and then hung out at Timmy’s (Tim Horton’s) after watching a lame sunset in the froggy library park across the street. Am reading The Enchanted Cup, Trojan Odyssey, and Elephant Walk simultaneously. No wonder I’m having odd dreams. My shoulder pain is all gone, but my neck and knees still pain me now and then from the car accident I had on 4/13.
Kim finally tried my cheese bagels from SF and loved ‘em, and she made us Shepherd’s Pie for dinner with Orzo salad! This weekend I’m off to Flesherton to stay with David & Carol at their art gallery and home there. Both their children will be visiting that weekend for Mom’s six location “Art for Food” party/show/opening.
David and I go out the afternoon of the show and visit all the venues and wind up at the last one for lattes and butter tarts. The show was wonderful, and it turned out I knew at least half the artists and another half dozen guests from all my travels and adventures in Canada over the last 25+ years. I started telling people I’d come for Carol’s show (which was partly true!).  The food was amazing; the owner of the cheese shop even made raclette – a Swiss dish I’ve enjoyed in Geneva. I know it was the middle of nowhere, but Flesherton is a “happening” place. The next night, I joined three couples for a fiesta memory dinner celebration with photos of their trip to Mexico. We started with margaritas and ended with Mojitos and a maple flan Carol had made for dessert. True Canadian cuisine and delicious, too.

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