Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summerisle has moved to Lithuania

After all that fun in Kaunas, I decided to visit somewhere new -Birstonas (also known as Summerisle from The Wicker Man - they were eerily similar).
Birstonas is a health spa like the old days more of a sanitorium than what you imagine.

A lot of people are here to convalesce, but I signed up for the weekend package. Sadly, the ONLY person there who spoke English was the Psychologist. She was very nice and helpful, but always busy with group therapy and patients. At the time I was suffering from trigger finger - a terrible inslult to my pacifistic nature. For less than $50/day I had 4 different therapeutic treatments (an EKG costs $4), private room
with balcony over the river,
board (I had to specifically ask for the Lithuanian menu - they tried to give me Euro menu),
Ravens attacking church

and ample time to search the bucolic grounds and streets. All my treatments were over by 2 pm, so I took up afternooon walks before dinner.

My first discovery was the libarary with FREE internet if you signed up for a card and paid $2. The card is a lovely green, and the O in Birstonas is a Full Moon!
Walking along the river, there is another sanitorium, and they were having a concert that night - I went after dinner. I think he's the Lithuania version of Tony Bennett, and he did a fair cover of "Those Were the Days, My Friend."

Another day, I took the FREE ferry across the river and wandered the woods over there.

I was staying at the Tulpe (tulip)Spa, and must have had too much fresh air, because I decided to start painting "two lips" while waiting for the ferry to return.
From that side I could see a huge statue which I sought out on my return. At the bottom of the hill, I discovered a maze.

The building across from the park had the name and stylized figure of the Water Goddess.

Many are there to drink the sulphur water (which didn't smell as badly as the "pluto" water in French Lick, Indiana). There is a charming little orange octagonal building with a faucet and drinking fountain.

The bus station looks brand new for 1895.

The streets are empty,
but there is a flower stall next door, so I buy Inija some purple flowers I've never seen (she had no idea what they were either, and she's really good with flower identification).
Inija Trinkunas with Flowers
The bus back to Vilnius stops at Trakai,
so I have a pre-view of the castle where Inija will be taking me to buy amber. On the way we went through Stagliskes where the trees had a bad time.

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