Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kaunas - the old capital

I so enjoy my time here (so did Maria Gimbutas). Kaunas is an ancient city, but most of the new buildings are lovely art deco examples. The Trinkunas' dropped me off on the outskirts on their way to the coast for a wedding and other Heathen events, and I caught a bus to the city center. I was all hyped up to stay at Hotel Metropolis which is a stunning art nouveau complex right in the midst of everything (and cheap, too at 25 euros/night), but they were sold out. Perplexed, I kept walking down "Freedom Lane" and asked at an apt. rental place, and they were booked too! The streets were full of drunken Scotsmen in kilts, and the people at Litenterp said they had nothing either because of the soccer match. One of the ladies suggested the Best Western, but another one said she'd call the monastery!

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